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Fundraising/Donations Needed for Camp Pumziko

It's our primary goal for all of our youth to have the quintessential summer camp experience - learning new, fun and educational skills in the heart of nature.

Sharing living quarters and responsibilities with a group of same-aged campers from various cities, states and countries is not only a tremendous amount of fun, but also a great opportunity for growth and long lasting friendships to be made.

Making decisions independently of the family, working as a team toward a common goal, and learning the skill of compromising, are character-building lessons that develop lifetime substance.

We garner only the very best experienced staff, select the very best accommodations and utilize the most appropriate equipment.

Providing all of this during a 7-day, 6-night sleep-away camp for our youth true value is intangible. However, the actual monetary cost is $1,000 per camper. This is much more than the current registration fee. Because we target the inclusion of youth from underserved marginalized communities, we strive to keep the fees low.

To defray the actual cost, we rely heavily on volunteer staff. And we have an ongoing fundraising campaign both on-line and in our communities. This combination, added with soliciting both financial and in-kind donations, help to supplement the true cost of camp.

We are pleased to bring to the community:

 Virtual Camp Pumziko July 20- July 25

Youth from around the country will gather on the Zoom digital platform for a week of engaging sessions centered on acquiring skills relevant to this current moment and the protracted movement of our people.

Camp Pumziko's age cohorts will be reestablished in both form and organizational structure during virtual camp. Which simply means, our Pakas (ages 6-8), Chuis (ages 9-10), Simbas (ages 11-12), and Panthers (ages 13- 17) will join separate ZOOMS each day for lessons, dialogue, and activities that are developmentally appropriate.

Our sessions will feature the following topics:

  • Political Education  
  • Urban Survivalism
  • Media Activism      
  • Health and Wellness

On Saturday,July 25th 2020, our traditional family day gathering will be held in this virtual communal space. Camp Pumziko families will join to hear youth share both lessons learned and skills acquired. Youth who submit skill demonstration videos will also be presented with certificates of achievement and those who are members of our New Afrikan Scout Organization will earn points towards skill/merit badges.


Registration/ Deposit Fee: 25.00 (Form/ Placeholder)

Participation Fee: 250.00 for Virtual Camp and 250.00 for the Leadership Institute for a total of 500.00 for youth participating in both. To cover pdf. Manual and materials. (50.00 a day)

Sibling Graduated Rate: 250.00 for the 1st child, 225.00 for the 2nd child, 200.00 for the 3rd child. The 25.00 reduction caps at 175.00.

We do not want money to be a deterrent to participation. If you are interested in your child attending Virtual Camp Pumziko 2020, please fill out our mutual aid application form. We will review each application with care. We want all of our youth who want to participate included in this experience!

Memorandum of Understanding with Chicago Freedom School… Similar to Summer Youth Employment

Leadership Institute July 20- July 25

International Human Rights - Context for our Movement/ Strategy - Emergency First Aid

Safety and Security Protocols - Role and Responsibilities of Leadership/ Types of leadership

Camp Pumziko is also offering a Leadership Institute for our current New Afrikan Scout members who serve as youth leaders within their local troops. Our leadership institute will engage in both dialogue and training in the areas of:

  • International Human Rights
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Safety and Security Protocols
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership
  • Types of organizational Leadership
  • Resolving Conflict and Coming to Consensus

Our leadership Institute will conduct training for youth ages 6- 25 in age appropriate cohort bands. Each tier of training will increase in depth and rigor all with the goal of developing young people who are best equipped to meet the emergent needs of their families and communities.

2020 Camp Pumziko Sponsors

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VIRTUAL CAMP REFUND POLICY: All sales are final; no refunds will be issued. Please review thoroughly and make note of the Zoom class schedule to insure your child's attendance. We will not be able to offer makeup lessons. We want to make this the best experience possible and we are here to help workout any issues, so do not hesitate to reach out asap should a problem arise.


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